We often hear from our families, parents and students alike, who tell us what Oak Meadow means to them. Here’s a sampling of enthusiastic messages we’ve received.

“The emotional connection to Oak Meadow for our son has been amazing to witness. We have tried other curricula but we just keep coming back to Oak Meadow. I like that it is gentle and is a starting point for more learning to happen naturally. We usually finish the weekly lesson early and then move on to whatever my son wants to do, experience, or learn!”

“What I love about Oak Meadow is that I know I can relax and enjoy every moment. The pace is wonderful and I know in the end my children will learn everything they need to know. I have had a week where we don’t get around to doing Oak Meadow, but then I look and realize every conversation that happened naturally was right in line with the curriculum. Oak Meadow makes sense with the natural development of children. I like this curriculum because the work has already been done and I can relax and enjoy the experience (and life) with my kids.”

“My son has been homeschooled since Kindergarten using Oak Meadow. More recently he has been using additional resources (like a statistics course of my own). He is graduating high school this year, has been admitted to the University of Wyoming with a full-ride academic scholarship, and is starting in the Honors Program at the University. Ours has been a very positive experience with great success. We also have four daughters ranging from a 7th grader who won the national championship at National History Day in Washington D.C. last year to 7-month-old twins. All are homeschooled using Oak Meadow (well the twins haven’t started yet), and we look forward to continuing our homeschooling with Oak Meadow for another 18 years.”

“Every year, we find more and more good things to say about the whole Oak Meadow program to the homeschooling community around where we live. We tell everyone who is interested in homeschooling about our experience with Oak Meadow. I can’t thank you enough for all that you do!”

“I homeschooled my two daughters using Oak Meadow. One has completed her masters degree in architecture. The creativity she developed while using Oak Meadow sparked inspiration that she carries to this day. Thanks Oak Meadow!”

“I love Oak Meadow. I have scoured the internet looking at other curricula, but nothing even comes close. I am constantly astounded by how much we learn every day (yes I’m learning just as much), and yet it is done in such a gentle way. The only time I really struggle with homeschooling is when I deviate from my Oak Meadow curriculum and daily rhythm. Highly recommended for families who are looking for a curriculum that is gentle and nurturing while being absolutely academically solid.”

“I am so inspired by the Kindergarten curriculum, that I feel empowered enough to continue to homeschool to first grade. The curriculum allows me to create my own projects for my son according to his personal tastes. So far, I’ve created painting projects using his favorite books, photography projects where he can take the camera and shoot creatively, sewing projects using the machine he’s constantly asking to use, and many others. I even have an idea for a children’s book! The artist in me is being rediscovered and my son is benefitting from our shared creativity. I wish I had this when I was little.”

“I am just finishing up the the manuals we received at the start of our first year of homeschool. I wanted to thank you from the depth of my heart for the enormous wealth of knowledge you have given me. The Heart of Learning and Teacher Process Manual have made such an impact. Everything just rings to true to my heart. And it is beyond comforting to know that the way I feel about all of these things is not wrong despite the many, many judgmental comments I’ve received by others. I am overjoyed to begin this journey with my son. Oak Meadow has truly shed light on so many areas of my life, allowing me to become more aware and hopefully begin a life of transformation.”

“I love the Facebook posts and the information on Pinterest. These connections truly help me to feel up-to-date on topics even though I can’t always take advantage of them and use them as much as I would like to. Having all this information available to tap into really keeps us going. I can truly say that we don’t ever get bored! And that is so wonderful. It is a challenge to keep up with a child’s interests. I will give my child as much information and experience as I can. One day her attention will be on different aspects of life, and I feel that by being able to homeschool her, she will reach her goals and proper development.”

“I just wanted to say thank you to the folks at Oak Meadow. I did Oak Meadow courses all the way from K to 12 and absolutely LOVED the program. I’m a large supporter of everything you stand for. My sisters and I are now working full time at creative endeavors as a sister band playing Celtic music, and I owe it in large part to the creativity, artistic emphasis, and the importance of nature and self-discovery that Oak Meadow promotes.”