Mission, Philosophy, & Values

Oak Meadow provides a flexible, progressive education for independent learners

Based on rigorous academic standards: Our curriculum aligns with accepted national academic standards, while maintaining our commitment to providing an innovative, experiential, child-centered education.

Involves the whole child: An Oak Meadow education engages and integrates every aspect of the child. Our compassionate approach encourages critical thinking and intellectual development through hands-on activities, interdisciplinary projects, and thoughtful reading and writing practice.

Respects the natural development of children: Our curriculum introduces subjects and skills in a carefully considered sequence to support and nurture the natural development of children. We strive to keep the wonder and excitement of childhood alive and to spark each individual’s passion for learning.

Adapts to meet student’s strengths and interests: Home teachers using our curriculum independently can adapt it to capitalize on what motivates a student to learn best. We offer options to fit each child’s interests, talents, and styles so that they may learn easily, successfully, and enjoyably.

Promotes caring, supportive relationships: Children  are intelligent, creative beings eager to ask questions and express new ideas. Our curriculum encourages families to create a network of learning relationships—friends, family members, community resources, other homeschooling families, Oak Meadow teachers and educational counselors—to nourish and support the young learner.

Oak Meadow Core Values

At Oak Meadow, we . . .

Recognize and honor the unique capacities of each individual by creating a meaningful education that develops skillful, thoughtful, joyful, and ethical lifelong learners.

Empower agency in students, families, and employees by providing an inspired and authentic approach and environment to work and learning that nourishes an enhanced quality of life.

Cultivate wonder and connection to the natural world to inspire purposeful, innovative, and wise action in addressing humanity’s most pressing problems.