About Our Distance Learning School

All of the benefits of learning at home with teacher support and full academic credit

Oak Meadow School is an internationally accredited kindergarten through twelfth grade distance learning institution, and the first distance learning school ever to receive accreditation from the prestigious New England Association of Schools & Colleges (NEASC). We are also an Approved Independent School in the State of Vermont. According to the regulations in many states, when you enroll in Oak Meadow School, you may not need to file an “intent to homeschool” with the local school district. We recommend that you check with your local Department of Education or homeschooling groups for specific information about your state’s requirements.

A complete curriculum for all subjects

Our dynamic curriculum ensures that you are providing your child with a creative, well-rounded, and academically complete education. Our curriculum is developed by professional educators and is closely aligned with a broad range of state standards as well as Oak Meadow’s founding educational philosophy. In grades K-12, you will receive everything you need for a complete school year across all subject areas. View Curriculum Samples

Teacher support and evaluation

Our professional and caring teachers provide support, evaluation, and grading for assignments, projects, and tests. Our teachers strive to develop close relationships with their students and are available by both email and telephone for the support you and your children may need. Many families choose to continue working with the same teacher over the course of several grades. The narrative evaluations and transcripts provided by your teacher become part of your child’s official academic record. Meet Our Faculty

Start anytime!

Once a student is accepted and the admission process is finalized, families choose the start date for their five- or ten-month enrollment period, giving them the flexibility to craft a school year schedule that works best for them. Most enrollments can be processed within one week. Once finalized, families receive an Electronic Welcome Packet with everything needed to get started. Apply Now

Administrative support services

Our educational counselors and program directors work closely with our teachers and our families to ensure a smooth beginning to each school term. Our registrar keeps complete records for each enrolled student, and because we are an accredited school, many states recognize Oak Meadow as an independent private school. Oak Meadow credits are transferable to other schools.

College counseling for high school and college

Many of Oak Meadow high school students plan to go to college, and enrollment includes college counseling services. Our experienced college counselor can direct you to SAT and ACT information and registration, and help you locate the appropriate preparation materials for these important exams. She will assist with school choices, help you obtain letters of recommendation and official transcripts, and guide you through the college application process.

Are you in charge of your learning?

Oak Meadow has launched a free tool to gauge student autonomy—the ability to take charge of one’s own learning. The idea and study of student autonomy has surged in the field of educational research over the past decade. Oak Meadow’s innovative new tool gives you the opportunity to see where you stand, with feedback about how to become a more independent learner. Take Oak Meadow Autonomy Quiz.