High School Director’s Welcome

There is no endeavor as important as your lifelong pursuit of education. When I say this, I don’t mean “education” in the traditional sense of merely transferring previously-discovered knowledge, skills, and habits from one generation to the next. While there is a great deal to learn about our world and human societies in the form of history, art, literature, science, religion, math, and other disciplines, this learning is just one small part of your true education.

Without your own individual perspective and deliberate choices, this type of acquired knowledge gives you few tools to tackle the bigger issues of where our world is going and what your important contribution is, both to yourself and to society.

At Oak Meadow, we believe that a life well lived is a life fully explored in terms of who one is, what one’s unique skills and talents are, and what leads to one’s long-term fulfillment. Our curriculum is rigorous and based on solid academic standards, but it’s also flexible, creative, and thought-provoking. We encourage you to direct your own learning, to absorb, contemplate, and put into use the information you’re exploring.

Your Oak Meadow teachers provide instruction and guidance, but they also offer you the opportunity to transform yourself as you learn to develop and share your skills and talents with the world.

I welcome you to Oak Meadow and applaud the steps you’ve decided to take to be true to yourself.

Alan Fortescue