ESOL: English for the American Classroom

12-week 0.5 credit course, enrollment required (students permitted to enroll in this course only). The English for Speakers of Other Languages course is designed for students who want to polish their English reading, writing and speaking skills to (read more)

We offer Advanced Placement, technology, and selected elective courses through CTYOnline, the Center for Talented Youth program of Johns Hopkins University. Please visit their website for important information on eligibility requirements. AP courses are session-based and have an application deadline; technical courses are individually paced and may be started at any time during the year. CTYOnline courses earn Oak Meadow credit and AP courses will prepare students for the College Board AP exams.

AP Computer Science A

One-half credit: AP Computer Science A course covers topics typically found in a college-level first course in computer science, and provides a solid preparation for the AP Computer Science A examination. The course emphasis is on procedural abstraction, (read more)

Advanced Web Design

One-half credit: This course introduces students to advanced concepts and skills in web design. Students will learn techniques for designing an effective website, the similarities and differences between HTML and XHTML, and the importance of web page (read more)

Computer Security Fundamentals

One-half credit: This course introduces students to the fundamentals of computer security as the first step towards learning how to protect computers from hackers. The course begins by explaining the very basic concepts of computer security and (read more)

Introduction to Java

One-half credit: This course introduces students to the basic features of the Java programming language. Students will learn about Java primitive and non-primitive data types, control flow constructs, built-in class libraries, and Java applets. They will also explore (read more)

Introduction to Web Design

One-half credit: This course introduces students to basic web design using HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). Although students should be comfortable with computers, file management, and navigating an internet website using a web browser (such as Firefox, Internet (read more)


One-half credit: JavaScript introduces students to the basics of JavaScript, one of today’s leading web development languages. The course requires knowledge of HTML and CSS and is an ideal transition from HTML into more advanced web technologies (read more)

Scratch Programming

One-half credit: In this course, students enter the world of computer science by learning how to create animations, computer games, and interactive projects. Using Scratch, a graphical programming language developed at MIT, students learn fundamental programming concepts (read more)