Special January 2017 Tuition Offer!

Enroll in Oak Meadow now through January 31, 2017 and enjoy a special mid-year, one-semester rate.

Seeking a flexible, creative, personalized education for your family? Oak Meadow’s teacher-supported, fully accredited distance school provides students with the freedom to pursue their interests, strengths, and passions while experiencing a vigorous and dynamic curriculum built on strong academic standards.

Ready to make a change? Try Oak Meadow for the spring semester at these special prices.

1 subject, 5-8
2 subjects, 5-8
3 subjects, 5-8
High School, per course
Full Year
$1,800 $1,500
$2,400 $2,000
   $960    $800
$1,440 $1,200
$1,920 $1,600
$1,200 $1,000

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New in 2017, tuition includes:

  • Access to digital version of Oak Meadow coursebooks (along with your print coursebooks and materials).
  • Adjusted teacher-student ratio for enhanced student experience.
  • Elimination of science lab and Life Experience Elective Credit fees.
  • Yearlong college counseling webinar series and added resources (one-to-one counseling available as always).
  • Increased school counselor office hours to assist students and families with academic, personal, and social issues.
  • Career Cruising planning tool.
  • Exciting new courses, including textbook-independent; project-based learning; and synchronous discussion class options.
  • Google Classroom and Zoom access to support real-time, synchronous learning.
  • Additional tech support staff for speedier tech assistance.
  • Oak Meadow credit for approved travel/study abroad programs.

Unsure about bringing learning home?