Signature Programs

Advanced Study Project

In keeping with our spirit of independent learning, enrolled juniors and seniors are required to participate in a self-directed Advanced Study Project. This one-semester project earns credit and is an ideal opportunity for you to engage in an exciting and relevant academic or professional study of your own design, with the guidance of a local mentor and an Oak Meadow faculty advisor. Find application form here.

Life Experience Elective Credit

To honor the richness and possibilities of the distance learning experience, Oak Meadow encourages students to participate in a wide variety of extracurricular activities. Through our Life Experience Elective Credit program, enrolled students can earn up to one full elective credit per year (four total possible) for your work experience, music lessons, sports activities, visual and fine arts classes, dance, and martial arts–the possibilities are limitless. See LEEC application form.

AP, Computer Science, Technology, Music, Specialty Courses

Oak Meadow accepts credit for Advanced Placement, computer science, and technology courses taken through Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Talented Youth online program (CYTOnline). Or deepen your study of music and earn Oak Meadow credit by taking college-level courses with Berklee College of Music Online. Interested in science? We offer credit for Cornell’s challenging home study course, Ornithology: Comprehensive Bird Biology.

Credit Recovery and Enhancement Courses

Earn a half credit in two-and-a-half months. Many Oak Meadow 0.5 credit courses can be taken over a compressed period of time, during the summer or between semesters, to help you stay on track with your graduation goals.

Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment allows you to follow your interests and broaden your education. Our course credits are transferable to public and private schools, and courses taken at other accredited schools can be included, with approval, on your Oak Meadow transcript. Engage in classroom science labs, group language courses, and other classes at your local high school or community college.

Travel & Summer Programs

We want you to have the chance to think, study, learn, and grow beyond our curriculum and your grade-level academics. Travel to another country and experience a new culture, take part in a community service project, or sign up for an unusual course with our friends at Gogi Abroad or Marlboro College.

National Honor Society

Oak Meadow is now a chapter member of the National Honor Society. Visit our NHS webpage to read about eligibility criteria and to view profiles of our exceptional inductees.

NCAA Approved

Many Oak Meadow students are pursuing their passions (athletic, musical, artistic, and more) and making clear progress toward earning their high school diploma and moving on to college. Thanks to our distance learning format, student-athletes can travel to meet training and competition demands, and still fulfill their academic commitments. Our graduation requirements meet NCAA (and rigorous college prep) standards, and all but a couple of our courses are NCAA approved.

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