Curriculum Resources: Third Grade

Language Arts

Lesson 1

learning styles
Learning Styles Online

Lesson 2

interactive language games ABCYA
Primary Games

Social Studies

Lesson 4

Phoenician writing Omniglot
Ancient Scripts

Lesson 12

maps of the ancient world Phoenicia’s Hall of Maps
Ancient World Maps
Ancient World Mapping Center
Links Page at the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection

Lesson 15

Native American culture Pueblo Indians
First Nations Histories
Native Americans and Lewis & Clark
Native American Tribes and Cultures

Lesson 26

frontier life Living History Farms
Fort Griffin
A Day in the Life: Frontier Girl

Lesson 28

ancient Israel Moses at Kidipede
The Houses of Ancient Israel

Lesson 31

Native tales & legends Cherokee Stories
Native American Lore

Lesson 32

government Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government
White House for Kids

Lesson 33

basis of government Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government
“Join the Signers” at the National Archives
U.S. Electoral College

Lesson 34

the Declaration of Independence Historic Philadelphia
The Declaration of Independence at
Congress for Kids

Lesson 35

The Constitution Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government
The Constitution for Kids


Lesson 21

the water cycle Missouri Botanical Garden
Absorption Experiments at Kids Science

Lesson 22

photosynthesis Science Made Simple
Methuselah Tree

Lesson 23

ecological conservation EekoWorld
Kids Do Ecology

Lesson 24

more about the water cycle Environmental Kids Club
The Story of Droplet
Making a Water Cycle Wheel

Lesson 25

biomes Enchanted Learning
Blue Planet Biomes

Lesson 26

more about biomes Biomes of the World
The World’s Biomes
Earth Floor

Lesson 27

volcanoes & earthquakes Volcano Explorer at Discovery Kids
Field Trip to Mars

Lesson 28

natural resources Natural Resources Conservation Service
National Wildlife Federation
Enrivonmental Kids Club

Lesson 29

caves The Virtual Cave
The National Speleological Society
Dragonfly TV
American Cave Conservation Association

Lesson 30

rocks Rocks and Sediments at
Rocks for Kids
Mineralogy 4 Kids

Lesson 32

the ocean Kids’ Corner at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Lesson 33

the freshwater biome
Freshwater Wetlands at the World Wildlife Fund
Aquatic Biomes at KidzWorld

Lesson 34

vertebrates & invertebrates Invertebrates at KidPort
Vertebrates & Invertebrates at Fact Monster
Classifying Critters

Lesson 35

classifying plants Introduction to Algae
Mosses at Backyard Nature

Lesson 36

extinct & endangered animals & plants Extinction is Forever
Endangered Species at the World Wildlife Fund

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