Curriculum Resources: Second Grade

Language Arts

Lesson 8

phonics & word study Phonics games at Sadlier-Oxford
Word games at Word Central

Social Studies

Lesson 19

Celtic & Irish culture The Celtic Webring
Irish Culture and Customs
Who Were the Iron Age Celts?

Lesson 20

Ancient China Ancient China for Kids
History for Kids: Ancient China
Ancient China Maps

Lesson 21

Ancient Mali Ancient Africa for Kids
Sundiata on African History
History for Kids: Ancient Africa

Lesson 24

ancient currency The Earliest Currency in Ireland
Coins of Ancient Greece & Rome
Origins of Coins at

Lesson 32

electing leaders Kids Voting USA
Governments Around the World from Fun Social Studies
Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government
By the People from PBS Kids


Lesson 15

beehives & beeswax Just for Kids! page at
The Buzz on Bees
 Animal Video: Learn About Bees
Ten Facts About Honeybees

Lesson 19

the weaverbird Animal Facts: Weaver Bird
Weavers of the World

Lesson 20

the swiftlet Mangoverde World Bird Guide Photo Page
Swiftlets and Bird’s Nest Soup

Lesson 28

animal communication How Wolves Communicate
The Animal Communication Project

Lesson 30

the desert biome Deserts at Blue Planet
The Desert Biome at the University of California, Berkeley
Biomes: Desert

Lesson 31

animals & their habitats Animals page at Blue Planet
Dolphin Research Center
A – Z Animals: Habitats
Animal Facts Sheets

Lesson 32

reptiles Reptiles Magazine
Animal Bytes at the San Diego Zoo

Lesson 33

Frogs at the San Francisco Exploratorium
Frog Facts
Fun Frog Facts for Kids

Lesson 34

insects The Insects Home Page
BugBios from
“Katerpillars & Mystery Bugs” from the University of Kentucky

Lesson 35

birds All About Birds at Enchanted Learning
Fun Bird Facts for Kids
 Birds: San Diego Zoo Kids

Lesson 36

fish Fish Facts
Fish ‘n’ Kids
All About Fish
Some Interesting Facts About Fish

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