Curriculum Resources: First Grade

Language Arts

Lesson 31

phonics & reading activities Phonics lesson plans at teAchnology
Word games at PBS Kids

Lesson 33

word study games
Interactive Wordplays

Social Studies

Lesson 14

local map sites MapQuest
Google Maps
The Perry-CastaƱeda Library Map Collection at the University of Texas, Austin

Lesson 15

state maps Blank outline state maps at
State maps and data at
Printable maps and state quizzes at

Lesson 16

United States maps Printable maps in PDF format from Houghton-Mifflin’s Education Place
Various U.S. maps at
Reference and outline maps from
Building Marvels: Landmarks of the United States

Lesson 36

appreciating diversity “Helping Children Understand Other Cultures” at Ohio State University
“Appreciating Diversity” at A Place of Our Own


Lesson 5

animal tracking sites Mammal Tracks at
Princeton University’s Outdoor Action Guide to Animal Tracking

Lesson 20

diurnal and nocturnal animals Night vision page at Nova Online

Lesson 30

sounds in nature Animal sounds at
Birdsong recordings at the Audubon Society
“Listening to Nature” at the California Library of Natural Sounds

Lesson 31

birds’ nests Bird nests at
Bird Nests from Backyard Nature

Lesson 34

bees & honey The British Beekeepers Association

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