Homeschool Support

For families who use Oak Meadow’s curriculum without enrollment in our school, we offer an hourly consultation service to support your homeschooling journey. Whether you are a new homeschooling parent with lots of questions or a veteran with specific topics in mind, we are here to provide you with student-centered educational guidance.

After we review the information you submit in the brief form below, an Oak Meadow teacher will contact you to discuss a plan of action.

Our phone-based homeschool support can offer:

  • initial guidance and reassurance at the beginning of the homeschooling experience
  • help with specific questions around the Oak Meadow curriculum and ways to individualize, adapt, or extend the activities and lessons
  • suggestions to help you find the right rhythm of the day and week for your family
  • ideas for how to homeschool multiple children, ages, and grade levels
  • strategies for working with ADD and learning difficulties, and how to create a calming, supportive learning environment at home
  • support for any bumps you may encounter along your homeschooling journey

Our Oak Meadow teachers are working within our fully accredited distance learning school and are thoroughly familiar with both the Oak Meadow curriculum and the unique dynamics of homeschooling. We are available to speak with you confidentially and professionally to provide the support and guidance all home teachers need from time to time.

We offer one-hour increments that can be split into two separate 30-minute conversations. You can also purchase three- or six-hour sessions, which can be used as needed, in full or half-hour increments, over the course of a year.

1 hour = $100
3 hours = $225
6 hours = $360

Fill out this brief form to sign up for homeschool support from Oak Meadow. You will hear from us within one to two business days after you’ve submitted the form.

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