Oak Meadow Poetry Extravaganza – 2017

Desserts by Danica O’Donohoe, grade K

The Abe Poem by Jonathan Kell, Jr., grade 1

Spring has Sprung by Azalea Farnham, grade 1

Eagle by Vincent Salem Nicolai, grade 1

One Poem and Two Haikus by Carlos Checa-Sacasa, grade 3

Goddess by Piper Rollins, grade 4

Freddy Lives On by Deanna Oakes, grade 6

Listen by Iris Robert, grade 7

Bunk Bed by William Aldredge, grade 9

Chess by Benjamin Almquist, grade 9

If your only emotion was happy by Katherine Almquist, grade 9

Paper Revolution by Claire Kern, grade 9

The Nest In The Road by Emma Agudelo, grade 10

Once I Knew Two Who Died, by Lucy Enge, grade 10

Questioning by Nurbanu Alptekin, grade 10

Little Ladybugs by Jamie Merrigan, grade 11

Sappy Love Poem by Cadie Baglin, grade 11

Bandoneon by Blythe Wilde, grade 12

88 Strings by Fianna Wilde, grade 12