Oak Meadow Poetry Extravaganza – 2016

Jumpy Bouncy by Elinor DeWitt, grade 1

The Seasons by Genevra O’Donohoe, grade 2

Kitty Cuddler by Honey Short, grade 2

The Heart of Nature by Alexander Schweitzer, grade 3

Untitled by William DeWitt, grade 3

Branding by Jasper Mayer, grade 3

Cats by Esther DeWitt, grade 6

School by Ben Parker, grade 6

A Day at the Beach by Hannah Parker, grade 6

The Cowardly Wind by Iris Robert, grade 6

A Fleck of Faith by Jamie Stenzel, grade 8

As Night Falls by Brooke Doughty, grade 9

Untitled by Lucy Enge, grade 9

The Kite by Isabella Merlini, grade 10