Why does Oak Meadow still use books when most distance learning schools are completely online?

Oak Meadow is primarily a print-based curriculum for many reasons (read more). Print-based learning offers students the opportunity to develop solid study skills, such as active reading and careful note taking. With a book, students can easily underline important passages, highlight details, write notes in the margins, and flag the pages to make review and essay writing more efficient and effective. Working with printed materials also allows students much needed screen-free time, and eliminates the distractions that so often come with online learning. Also books are highly portable and a student can study anywhere, regardless of access to the internet or technology.

However, we also recognize the benefits that technology can offer, and incorporate them with a very well-designed, thoughtful approach. Students in grades 7-12 are assigned an Oak Meadow email address which allows them to work within the Oak Meadow domain using Google Apps for Education. Students are able to share work online with their Oak Meadow teacher and receive comments and responses within the document. Students can participate in online class discussions and collaborate with one another on assignments and projects. Students are still learning from books but are also using technology to make connections with students and teachers, and further enhance their learning experience.