Is there support for enrolled students who might be struggling?

Oak Meadow has an experienced school counselor on staff, who is available to work one-to-one with enrolled students and families. This is a unique program for a distance school. The counselor works to promote students’ academic, personal, and social development, and she can lend a compassionate ear and provide advice for students who might be struggling in school, at home, in a relationship, or other situation. She will work with the high school director and other staff to help devise a strategy for the student’s success. Our counselor also encourages students to let her know when things are going well, too!

The school counselor also plays a role in helping to strengthen the school community and develop strong and supportive relationships among students, faculty, and staff. Here is a sample of our school counseling initiatives.

  • Career Cruising: This online tool allows students to explore career and college opportunities, including a learning style inventories to them discover future career options and to plan ahead.
  • The OM Awesome High School Group: Enrolled students are invited to participate in this Google forum. It’s a safe space for students to connect and to discuss topics of shared interest. Teachers, the high school director, the college counselor, and other staff post messages of interest as well. 
  • Student Connections: The school counselor periodically invites students to participate in an activity to help students connect with one another in an informal way.