What is the role of the high school teacher for enrolled students?

High School teachers provide instruction related to the curriculum that expands the content of a course, and they challenge students to think about the meaning and purpose of the material. This instruction will come in the form of additional materials and resources that teachers deliver through email, phone conversations, Skype, and Google Hangout. Working alongside the curriculum, this material and engagement will help students:

  • Develop a solid understanding of the important lessons to be learned from the material as they relate to the specific discipline/content of the course
  • Develop perspective on how the course relates to student life and larger issues in the world
  • Foster curiosity and the generation of new knowledge and new ways of seeing and being
  • Prepare for citizenship in the global community
  • Prepare for college and life beyond school

Depending on the subject, teacher, and type of coursework, lesson due dates fluctuate from weekly to biweekly to once a month. Teachers provide instruction, guidance, and evaluation verbally and in writing, using the written materials as a framework augmented with the teacher’s individual expertise. Teachers provide a written evaluation of each submission of student work, along with a lesson grade that is entered into our student database and is accessible to students and their families. At the end of each semester, the teacher provides a formal comprehensive student evaluation detailing the student’s performance during the course.