What is the Advanced Study Program, and is it required?

In keeping with our spirit of independent learning, enrolled juniors and seniors are required to participate in a self-directed Advanced Study Project (ASP). This one-semester project earns credit and is an ideal opportunity for you to engage in an exciting and relevant academic or professional study of your own design. You’ll work with both a local mentor and an Oak Meadow faculty advisor to create a proposal and outline for your course of study, including a reading list, assignment descriptions and deadlines, and final project evaluation measures. There are three options for the ASP: an academic project, a professional work experience, or a hybrid project that combines both.

For the academic projects, students write a research paper, compile a portfolio of experiments or essays, or produce a video or multimedia presentation. Topics can include any area of interest broadly categorized into the subjects of science, literature, or history. Our faculty advisors work with you to clarify interests and create guidelines for study and assignments.

For professional advanced study, students immerse themselves in an active working environment for valuable hands-on learning. A professional in the field of your choice mentors you as you gain skills and real-life experience. Your final evaluation is based on your weekly journal, documentation of hours and accomplishments, a mentor review, and a reflective essay.

ASP application form