What is Oak Meadow’s educational philosophy?

Our educational philosophy is built on strong academic standards with an understanding of the needs of the developing individual. We not only focus on developing a strong intellect, but also on engaging students artistically and experientially. They are asked to reason and write, but also to paint, sing, build, act, and draw. Our lessons are designed to harness the imagination and challenge the mind. Oak Meadow understands that students learn in many different ways, some by doing, others by listening, still others by seeing or reading. Because our curriculum is designed to effectively address a variety of leaning styles, children are able to engage fully with the materials, learn successfully, and enjoy the learning process. Our goal is not simply to provide factual information, but also to inspire your child to learn and thrive.

Oak Meadow’s approach to learning reflects and honors the developmental stages of childhood. Young children learn by doing, so our lessons in the early years place a great emphasis on experiential learning with activities that will involve the student through action and imagination. We actively engage the older grade school student by encouraging learning through the use of stories that unite fact with rich description and colorful detail, and that present inspiring role models through the study of noteworthy individuals. The middle school and high school years offer experiential learning while introducing even greater intellectual challenges as students learn to discern and integrate information, and eventually decide for themselves what resonates as truth. This careful approach helps our students develop into intelligent and capable life-long learners.

Our curriculum is developed around accredited academic guidelines and is written to cover the full range of subjects for each grade level. We have thoroughly studied state standards nationwide and have effectively developed a curriculum that is in line with rigorous standards, while still maintaining our commitment to a creative, innovative and child-centered education. Our experienced faculty are involved with revising and updating our curriculum based on best practices in teaching, and we regularly add new high school courses to give students more varied educational choices. Grade overviews for K-8 can be found in our K-8 catalog, and curriculum samples for kindergarten through high school are available on our website.