Our child needs a tutor to help him at home. Can you suggest someone?

We get many requests for tutor referrals from families all over the country, but we are not able to maintain an extensive database of qualified candidates. However, many families have had great success using local tutoring companies such as Kaplan or Sylvan Learning, and you can search online or in your phone book for options in your area. Another option is to contact your local high school or community college to see if they can recommend anyone–often college students or older high school students make excellent tutors. You can contact the English department, Math department, Science department, etc. to find subject-specific tutors.

For enrolled students, your Oak Meadow teacher can often make recommendations as well. Homeschooling groups in your area may be another good resource for families, as well as the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA). As a national member organization, there is a code of ethics to which IECA members must abide. Educational Consultants may not necessarily act as tutors, but they can usually supply parents with reputable tutors in their area.