My child is only three. Do you have a preschool program we can use?

Oak Meadow offers a Preschool course based on an artistic and imaginative perspective on early childhood. It introduces you to a solid foundation in the principles of learning, and then shows you how to apply these principles while playing, learning, and growing with your child. The program includes morning circle, nature walks, sand and water play, singing, finger plays, bedtime rituals, and storytelling. It’s a delightful course that gently establishes rhythms of learning that will benefit you and your child throughout the schooling years.

The course is presented in two volumes: The Heart of Learning and Learning Processes. It also includes additional materials to introduce your child to a wide variety of creative learning activities: a CD of preschool songs, set of beeswax block crayons, watercolor paper, paintbrush, and three tubes of watercolor paint. In The Heart of Learning, you will discover the core principles of learning, based on a deep understanding of child development and a respect for natural rhythms and learning styles. In Learning Processes, you will find guidance and instructions to help you get the most out of activities in art, music, nature play, and storytelling. Learning Processes serves as a teacher training manual, while The Heart of Learning provides inspiration.

The Preschool course will guide you to create a daily structure that breathes comfortably with your child’s natural rhythms, and will help you to better understand the needs of your child so that your experience as a parent can be as enjoyable as possible. It also helps you understand how to easily include younger siblings since the daily rhythms of learning fit naturally into your home life. Whether you have a three-year-old who wants to “do school” alongside her 2nd grade brother, or a two-year-old who wants to imitate your preschooler, the Oak Meadow Preschool course will help you create a lifestyle of learning for the entire family.