If we enroll in Oak Meadow School, what will be my role as the home teacher?

As in any school environment, the success of a child’s school year depends largely upon the support and encouragement the student receives from the parents, and this support will take several forms. In our unique distance learning arrangement, it is primarily the parent’s responsibility to maintain contact with the teacher and ensure student work is submitted in a timely manner. In order for the teacher’s feedback to be most helpful, it is important for the student’s work to be submitted on a frequent, regular basis. Work is submitted after every two lessons (biweekly) in grades 5-12, and once a month in grades K-4. In addition to submitting lessons on a regular and consistent schedule, the parent can serve as a resource person, helping students locate the information needed to complete the lessons.

Especially important in distance learning, parents need to help their student develop good organizational and time management skills. Many parents assist by writing out a weekly schedule to help their child budget their time wisely. Checking your child’s progress on a daily and weekly basis also encourages steady progress and instills a feeling of accomplishment.

Depending on your child’s age and temperament, you may need to be a very strong presence during the homeschooling hours. Mathematics often requires daily assistance; checking your child’s work as it is completed, helping him or her to focus on the assignments, and answering questions as needed. Incorrect answers may be due to not understanding the mathematical concept or working too quickly. You will need to determine which of these is taking place and work with your student (and your Oak Meadow teacher, if necessary) to avoid continuing difficulties.

Your Oak Meadow teacher will rely upon you to let her know how much support you and your child need. She will also count on you to let her know how her evaluation feedback is received. While all students need encouragement, some work well with concrete suggestions and others need more gentle guidance. By working together with your Oak Meadow teacher, you and your child will derive the greatest benefit from your Oak Meadow School experience.