I would like to start using your curriculum, but my child has never done knitting or recorder. How will I help him “catch up”?

Knitting, playing recorder, painting, beeswax modeling, and clay sculpting are all part of Oak Meadow’s rich, artistic approach. While these abilities are developed over the course of the early grades, a student coming to Oak Meadow in later years should be able to pick up these artistic endeavors fairly quickly, regardless of previous experience.

For those new to handwork, arts and music, our Oak Meadow Guide to Teaching the Early Grades provides detailed instructions for these wonderfully practical, traditional skills. Also we offer you many books in our Bookstore that teach these skills so that you, in turn, can teach them to your child. Not only is it a pleasure to create handwork, art, and music together with your child, studies have shown that important brain connections are fostered through these activities that carry over into academic work and support the development of a host of skills necessary to academic success.