I want to make sure my child is doing the work correctly. Are Teacher Manuals available?

Teacher Manuals are available based on grade level and whether a family is enrolled or purchasing curriculum only.

K-3: The K-3 teacher guides include The Heart of Learning and the Oak Meadow Guide to Teaching in the Early Grades. These are sold separately from our K-3 coursebooks because they are a one-time purchase (they can also be purchased as part of the complete K-3 Teacher Enrichment Package). You can purchase them together or individually through our Bookstore. For our enrolled students, the K-3 Teacher Manuals are provided with the curriculum materials at no additional charge.

The K-3 teacher guides provide both the inspiration and practical advice that many homeschooling parents are looking for. Although both books are optional, we highly recommend them for families using our K-3 curriculum. The Oak Meadow Guide to Teaching in the Early Grades contains a wealth of information on the learning process and teaching tips for art, music, storytelling, and handcrafts, as well as an extensive list of songs, verses, fingerplays, and poems. It is a wonderful source of practical guidelines and ideas for implementing the essentials of the K-3 curriculum. The Heart of Learning provides ideas for setting up a learning environment and home routine that supports and nurtures the child’s natural rhythms, curiosity, and zest for learning. It explains the foundation of the Oak Meadow philosophy of education and considered by many to be an invaluable resource.

Grade 4: The 4th Grade Teacher Manual provides additional information that supports you in assessing your child’s work for detail, depth, and accuracy. Answers for the math tests are included in the back of the Grade 4 Math syllabus.

Grade 5-8: The Teacher Manuals for Grades 5-8 contain evaluation keys for the English, Social Studies, and Science assignments for each grade (answer keys are included with the Math syllabus for each grade level). The Teacher Manuals contain extensive responses to the assignments in the curriculum, additional information about the topics in each lesson, and strategies and suggestions to support the home teacher. For our curriculum-only families, the Teacher Manuals can be ordered in our Bookstore. For enrolled families, teacher manuals for grades 5-8 are included with the curriculum materials at no additional cost.

High School: High school Teacher Manuals are available for most courses, only for families who use our curriculum independently (non-enrolled). They can be ordered in our Bookstore. Enrolled high school students and families should contact their Oak Meadow teachers directly for questions regarding course work.