How much time per day should we spend on homeschooling?

This varies with each student and each family, and will change as the child gets older. In the early grades, the parent is completely involved in the learning process, but as the child moves through the grades, more and more work is done independently.

In first grade, you might begin the day with a 15 minute circle time followed by 45 minutes of reading and writing. In the afternoon, a one hour session is suggested: 45 minutes of either math or science and 15 minutes of reading. In the early grades, much of the learning time is spent actively engaged in hands-on projects, and you might expect another hour or so to be spent on projects, bringing the total up to three hours a day. As the student progresses more time is spent doing more focused “desk work”: reading, researching, and writing.

By the time students are in middle school, you can expect them to work at least one hour per day, per subject. Of course, some students will need more time to do their work well, and others may be quicker in certain subjects. Every student is different but this gives you a general idea of what to expect.

Throughout all the grades, most students work best having a specific time of the day that is dedicated to doing school work, and a healthy mix of concentrated, focused book work and artistic, experiential projects. Including an element of physical activity during each school day is also vital to a healthy, happy student. We often find that students quickly discover a rhythm to their school day and week that works well for them.