How long does it take materials to ship outside the U.S.? Can we still mail lessons to our teacher even if we live in another country?

New in 2016! Digital delivery of PreK to grade 8 curricula now available!
The digital curriculum is a replication of our high quality print product. This option was developed in response to feedback from families who travel or live remotely, or for whom high shipping costs and long delivery times discourage purchase of print materials. Read more.

Shipping time for orders can vary greatly depending on the time of year and where the package is going. While we do our best to ship orders promptly, packages often get held up in Customs. These delays are unpredictable, of course, but you will receive an order confirmation email that includes a tracking number. You can check the progress of your package, and this will give you an idea of when to expect its arrival. Please note that customers are responsible for any additional charges due to customs taxes and duties.

If you enroll in Oak Meadow School, your enrollment and curriculum materials will be shipped as soon as your enrollment is finalized. We encourage families living outside the U.S. to complete the enrollment process well in advance of their start date to ensure the materials arrive in time. If there is a shipping delay that will necessitate a change in the enrollment start date, please contact the office before the start date and they will be happy to put the start date on hold until your materials arrive.

Enrolled students are welcomed to send work submissions through the mail, but most choose to submit work electronically since it is less expensive, quicker, and all the original work stays at home. Those who plan to use the postal mail to send lessons to their teacher are advised to keep a copy at home (packages do occasionally get lost or misdirected), and to let their teacher know when a package is on the way. If there will be a delay in shipping for any reason, notify your teacher as soon as possible.