How does Oak Meadow’s curriculum compare to the new Common Core Standards?

We have carefully considered the widespread implementation of the Common Core Standards and its impact on homeschoolers worldwide. After studying the Common Core Standards in depth, we have determined that our curriculum already addresses the vast majority of these standards in our own way, while maintaining a creative, hands-on approach and adhering to our core, founding principles. Our curriculum was aligned with Virginia standards back in the late 1990s and is loosely aligned with Vermont standards as well.

We recognize the value of using widely-accepted standards as a framework, while at the same time acknowledging that no single set of guidelines can serve the needs of all children. Starting in 2015, any course that is revised will include a list of lesson objectives to clarify the educational goals for all home teachers and to give support to those wishing to align with Common Core standards (view supplements).

It is of great benefit to many homeschoolers to know that by using Oak Meadow curriculum they can easily comply with their state’s standards-based homeschooling regulations while providing their child with a truly unique, engaging, and child-centered approach to learning. We also understand that there is a large portion of homeschoolers who are unconcerned with standards, preferring to follow their own educational guidelines or a more individualized, interest-led approach. Many of them find Oak Meadow’s flexible, creative approach to be a good fit, as well.

Oak Meadow has been honoring the independence of the homeschooling experience and responding to the needs of our families for over 35 years. We believe one of the greatest joys of homeschooling is that families are able to adapt and modify their curriculum to suit the needs of each individual student and to align with personal family values. Our curriculum is designed to allow the freedom and independence of learning that we feel is essential to the success of homeschooling.