How does Oak Meadow use technology? Do students have to be on the computer all day?

While Oak Meadow is primarily a print-based curriculum, enrolled students and families utilize technology for communication, collaboration, creativity and community. We value the developmental growth that springs from the printed page, yet acknowledge the power of technology as a tool for connection.

Students in grades 7-12 work within the Oak Meadow domain, using Google Apps for Education. Beyond the exchange of assignments, questions, and feedback, the platform is also used for class discussions, interactive projects, presentations, and more. Oak Meadow maintains some social media groupings for students to connect with one another, and there are non-Oak Meadow sponsored groups, as well. Students who live in areas where online access is limited may need to problem-solve to participate in synchronous opportunities.
In the lower grades, faculty may convene sessions with parents, students, or groups interested in a particular topic. Most families submit work electronically, but other arrangements can be made, if necessary.