How do you support enrolled students who have learning challenges?

The level of support Oak Meadow is equipped to provide for students with specific learning needs differs between our grade divisions. As a small organization, our support for learning challenges is limited.

For students enrolled in our K-8 program: We are able to modify a child’s workload and adjust the curriculum to reflect different learning needs. When combined with the one-to-one support that students receive from both their Oak Meadow teacher and their parent/home teacher, these adjustments often help students overcome challenges that made learning in a traditional school setting difficult.

For students enrolled in our High School program: We make adjustments to workload and the curriculum to reflect different learning needs; however, we often find that the significant degree of reading, writing, and independent work required in our high school courses can be a challenge for students who do not have dedicated home support. In addition to an Oak Meadow Learning Plan, we occasionally advise families to seek the support of tutors and other off-site learning specialists to instruct students with the directed learning assistance they require.

If required, a Learning Plan with specific accommodations can be initiated after a detailed review of official documentation of any diagnosis, the student’s prior assessments, and any previous IEP or 504 plans. The Oak Meadow Learning Plan is an official school document that becomes part of the student’s permanent record; this allows a student to receive academic credit for an adjusted workload.

There is no fee for a Learning Plan assessment. If it is determined that a Learning Plan is needed, there is a $300 fee in addition to the tuition (this fee may not be included in our payment plan).