How does Oak Meadow support families who choose to homeschool?

Complete curriculum for grades K-12: By purchasing our curriculum to use on your own, you can feel confident that you are providing your children with a well-rounded and academically complete education. Our curriculum is organized into 36 weekly lessons across all subject areas and follows accredited academic standards while encouraging a variety of learning styles and authentic engagement. Our curriculum can be used by itself or in combination with other materials as best suits your family.

Accredited distance learning school: For families who want the support of a teacher and official school records, we offer a fully accredited distance learning school. Students complete their work at home, under the supervision of a parent (or “Home Teacher”), and send it into their Oak Meadow teacher regularly for assessment and grading. Our dedicated, responsive teachers are experienced in providing encouragement and support for both students and parents. By enrolling in Oak Meadow School, you have the freedom and flexibility which comes from learning at home combined with teacher support and full academic credit.

Homeschooling Support Service: For K-8 homeschooling families who are not enrolled in our distance learning school but would like to benefit from the guidance of an experienced teacher, we offer our Homeschooling Support Service. For an hourly fee, you can enjoy personalized phone consultations with an Oak Meadow teacher. These conversations, which can be divided into fifteen minute or half hour segments and used over the course of one year, can provide just the inspiration and support you need to have a successful homeschooling experience.

Online homeschooling community: Our online community, accessed through our Facebook page, shares homeschooling tips and ideas, and celebrates the joys and challenges of homeschooling together. Through this fun, supportive, informative forum Oak Meadow offers excellent links to online resources for homeschoolers around the world.

Oak Meadow blog: Our blog, In the Meadow, explores topics that can enhance and enrich your homeschooling. It’s also a place where our students and families can connect, collaborate, and engage in dialogue about homeschooling with Oak Meadow. Subscribe to In the Meadow and get new posts automatically delivered to your inbox.

Pinterest boards: The Oak Meadow Pinterest boards, which cover an extensive array of topics on education and parenting, are also an inspiring resource. Since we are continually pinning and adding new boards, we invite you to visit frequently. Discover additional ideas and supportive resources that celebrate lifelong learning.

Oak Meadow’s free educational journal: Our journal, Living Education, is published three times a year and has been a source of information and inspiration for homeschoolers for decades. Both experienced homeschoolers and those new to the journey will find articles, crafts, samples of student work, student and family profiles, and news designed to enlighten and entertain.

K-8 grade overviews: Our K-8 catalog includes detailed curriculum descriptions, plus grade overviews that list of the content covered in each subject in each grade. These grade overviews are helpful in determining correct grade placement, particularly if you have a student working at different grade levels in different subjects. The overviews can also be used when submitting a Letter of Intent to Homeschool to your state Department of Education.

High school planning tips and course suggestions: Our high school catalog includes course suggestions by grade, based on the graduation requirements for students enrolled in Oak Meadow High School. It also offers full descriptions of each course, information on the benefits of print-based learning, and tips on how to use the homeschooling or distance learning experience to your advantage in the college admissions process.

College planning guide: For high school students planning to attend college, we have developed a College Admissions Guide that gives information on what to expect. Choosing courses and extracurricular activities that will prepare you for college and career begins long before the college application process does. The Guide also includes information on creating a portfolio, the Common App, college admissions exams, and more.