Does Oak Meadow offer financial aid?

Oak Meadow is committed to doing everything possible to offer families an affordable independent education. While we do our best to keep our prices reasonable, we understand that the cost of tuition or curriculum materials may be a financial burden for some families. For families who enroll in Oak Meadow School, tuition assistance is available in the form of a payment plan that allows payments to be spread over time. We also offer a sibling discount for families enrolling more than one child, and a military discount for active service members and veterans (this military discount extends to curriculum purchases as well). Details about these programs are found on the tuition page. We also offer a couple of discount periods each year; typically, these are offered in February and May.

Families who plan to purchase curriculum to use independently may choose to spread out their purchases over time to make budgeting for curriculum easier. Books can be purchased one at a time through our online bookstore, and since books can be used year after year for siblings, the costs often average out to be very affordable. Used and “seconds” Oak Meadow books can often be found on eBay. There are also online groups on Facebook, Yahoo, and other platforms where you can buy and sell used Oak Meadow curriculum.