Does the Oak Meadow curriculum contain everything we need for a full school year?

Yes, our Bookstore offers complete curriculum packages for grades K-8 that include everything you need for a full year, and you can also purchase a Craft Kit with the materials needed to complete the craft projects in the K-7 curriculum. (Craft items can also be purchased separately.) Each K-8 Curriculum Package includes a syllabus with 36 weekly lessons for all subject areas, all of the books included in the reading and literature curriculum. (Math answer keys for grades 5-8 are included with the math syllabus.)

Our high school courses can also be purchased as a complete package, which includes the textbook, syllabus, and supplemental material. Teacher Manuals are available for most of our high school courses, only for families using the curriculum independently (non-enrolled). Enrolled families and students should contact their Oak Meadow teachers directly for questions.

We invite you to view our curriculum samples and check our K-8 catalog, high school catalog, or website for more information about our curriculum. In addition to selling complete curriculum packages, we also offer our materials for sale individually for those families who do not need all the materials or who want to mix and match grade levels in order to customize their child’s education.

Our curriculum is developed around accredited academic guidelines and is written to cover the full range of subjects for each grade level. With Oak Meadow, you can feel confident that you are providing a comprehensive, well-rounded education as well as a meaningful and enjoyable learning experience.