As an enrolled family, how much time can we take to complete a course? Can my child complete a full year course over the summer? What if it takes longer than ten months to complete a course?

Our curriculum is organized in 36 weekly lessons, and enrolled students have ten months in which to complete the work. If a child is ill or the family travels, lessons can be either postponed or done ahead of time, since the work is self-paced. Sometimes students will move ahead in a certain subject, doing multiple weekly lessons in one week, and then taking a break from that subject and moving on to others. This “block system” of learning is very popular with students who like to delve into a particular subject in depth. We often find students using the block system to organize their weekly lessons. For instance, a student might complete all the math work for the week on Monday, all the English assignments on Tuesday, etc. For many students, it is a very effective, efficient way to learn.

It is possible for a student to complete a one-semester or half-credit course over the summer, particularly if they are only taking one course. Of course, it is not easy! It all depends on the student’s motivation and ability, and is usually only accomplished by high school students.

For students needing more than ten months to complete their lessons, one- and two-month extensions are available. If more time is needed beyond the maximum two month extension, the student must re-enroll for an additional semester in order to finish the course and receive credit. Extension fees vary by grade, and can be found at the bottom of the Tuition page of our website.