ESOL: English for the American Classroom

12-week 0.5 credit course, enrollment required (students permitted to enroll in this course only). The English for Speakers of Other Languages course is designed for students who want to polish their English reading, writing and speaking skills to help them be better prepared for their American or other English-speaking classroom experience. This course presents the English language through the lens of U.S. culture, cultural history, and national identity. Using reading selections from Oak Meadow’s curriculum, TED Talks, NPR podcasts, and news articles, assignments are designed to allow students to practice skills that are typically expected in American schools. In the U.S., students are expected to readily give their opinions, to relate personal perspectives and experiences, to argue persuasively, and to speak to multiple sides of a controversial or complex issue. In this course, students will develop a rich vocabulary, and learn to make good use of descriptive and figurative language in order to express themselves fully and eloquently. Using Skype and VoiceThread technology, this 12-week ESOL Intensive will give students experience in talking and writing about issues that they might find themselves faced with in a school classroom in the U.S. The following books are included:

  • Oak Meadow ESOL: English for the American Classroom Coursebook
  • Compelling Conversations (Chimayo Press)
  • Speak English Like an American (Language Success Press)

View curriculum sample here.