Oak Meadow’s Parent/Teacher online certification course

New to homeschooling or distance learning? Need some encouragement, guidance, or practical solutions for supporting a home learner? Looking to increase your confidence and effectiveness? Our Foundations in Independent Learning course will give you the understanding and tools to support your student on their homeschooling journey. Not just for parents, Foundations in Independent Learning can be helpful for anyone who works with students in a home-based or alternative educational setting. Here’s what one parent had to say about FIL: “I have been using Oak Meadow for five years, and my friend is just starting this year with her five-year-old. After two modules we both have found this course helpful and inspiring. For my friend it has helped reduce her anxiety about, Can I do this? and How do I fit it all in? For me, the information on active learning, writing in margins, and prioritizing has provided ideas on how to handle some issues I have struggled with over the years.”  Purchase it in our bookstore.