A new year, a new academic plan?

It’s not too late to enroll in our accredited distance learning school for K-12, or even to sign up for a single high school course. Enrolled high school students will find exceptional course offerings, including a selection of brand new courses, and the option to create a unique high school adventure by earning credit for life experience, independent athletic or performing arts activities, advanced study projects, AP courses through Johns Hopkins CTYOnline, or dual enrollment. Students attending another school or program may enroll in a single Oak Meadow course to round out their spring semester, such as Media Literacy: Critical Analysis of Media and CultureBritish Literature: Heroes, Monsters, Faeries, and Kings; Math Connections (brand new, with prerequisites); Environmental Science for a Changing World, our online Social Justice discussion course (hurry, it’s synchronous and starts Jan. 18), and more. Ask a question or call our office at 802-251-7250 for more information, or Apply Now if you’re ready to sign up. As always, Oak Meadow curriculum for independent use is available for purchase in our Bookstore.