Winter/Spring 2015: Chaos & Calm, The Merry Mess of Siblings

When we set out to create an issue around the topic of siblings, we knew we wanted to acknowledge the inherent chaos and messiness of life with children, not just an idealized version. In this issue, you’ll find ideas for including your youngest family members in your homeschooling day (“Littlest Learners”) and how to provide peer interactions for families who are raising only children (“Power of Peeps and Peers”). Our article on bullying (“Leader or Bully—A Look at Parenting Power”) may provoke some thoughtful introspection. As parents, we may find ourselves slipping into habits that go against our vision for productive, supportive parenting, and, as with everything we do, young eyes are watching and taking note. In “Seeing the Soul” (an excerpt from The Heart of Learning), Oak Meadow’s co-founder, Lawrence Williams, explains an exceptionally helpful mindfulness practice that can help us see past difficult behaviors and into the heart of our children.