New in 2017: Math Curriculum Grades 5-8

In order to offer students a comprehensive math foundation that better prepares them for advanced math in high school, Oak Meadow redesigned the math program for grades 5 through 8 in 2017.

These new materials are available in our bookstore and are included in enrollment packages.

GRADES 5-7: Each grade level includes a bundled coursebook and a workbook for the full course.

  • Workbooks include all worksheets, tests, and answer keys.
  • Mental math warm-up exercises are incorporated into most lessons (think of them as jumping jacks for the brain!)
  • Students complete a Learning Checklist at the end of each lesson test to track progress and highlight areas needing work.
  • Skills Review lessons appear regularly throughout the course, giving students ample time to gain familiarity with new material.
  • Extra practice worksheets are included in the appendix of the math workbook for students who need more practice with a particular skill.

Grade 5 skills include rounding, bar and line graphs, perimeter and area, equivalent fractions and lowest common denominators, multiplying and dividing fractions and mixed numbers, converting between different units of measure, and rate and distance problems.

Grade 6 skills include converting between percentages, fractions, and decimals; perimeter, radius, diameter, and area; area of irregular shapes; equations with missing numbers; factors and prime numbers; and order of operations.

Grade 7 skills include simple and compound interest, signed numbers, graphing inequalities on a number line, probability in a series, third and fourth roots, circumference and area of a circle, applying and transforming formulas, applying and identifying functions, ratios and proportions, scientific notation, and graphing a line on a coordinate plane.

GRADE 8: Students in grade 8 have a choice of Pre-Algebra or Algebra I, using textbooks and workbooks from Teaching Textbooks, a program designed for homeschoolers and independent learners. Pre-Algebra carefully builds on the skills introduced in Oak Meadow Grade 7 Math and fully prepares students to take algebra in high school. Algebra I is available for students who are confident with math skills and ready for a new level of challenge.

  • Pre-Algebra skills include decimals and percentages, equations with multiple variables, exponents and radicals, measuring area and volume of geometric figures, functions and graphing, and statistics and probability.
  • Algebra I skills include equations with variables on both sides, rational expressions with variables, quadratic equations, graphing functions on a coordinate plane, rate of change and slope, systems of equations, and inequalities with variables.

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