Curriculum Resources: Word: The Poet’s Voice

Below you will find links to each of the poems in the course, plus the spoken word performances, as well as general resources to help increase your understanding and enjoyment of poetry.

General Resources

Unit I: Nature

Unit II: Love

Unit III: Spoken Word

  • Coded language” by Saul Williams text (read text before watching performance)
  • Coded language” by Saul Williams performance
  • Ode to a Crossfader” by John Murrillo performance (watch performance before reading text)
  • Plastic Sea” by Mirko Bonné (Note: We will focus on the third stanza, which begins with “…Each black meter of water, rolling past ominously…” and ends with “… But this here, the black water masses, such/a draggled park, never, really, no.” Feel free to read the whole poem, if you’d like, but refer to the third stanza when answering the questions in your lesson.)
  • Mother’s Mouth” by Amaal Said (translated from Somali to English)

Unit IV: The Female Voice

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