Curriculum Resources: Biology

Here you’ll find some neat resources and related information in the exciting and ever changing field of biology. Enjoy!

General interest
This weekly two-minute podcast from Science Underground has cool science facts.

Lesson 5
Here is a rap song about mitosis that you might enjoy!

Lesson 6

  • Here is an interesting article that talks about mules and explains what happens when you breed two related animals with mismatched chromosomes.
  • Check out this cute video that explains Mendel’s peas and the basics of genetics.

Lesson 8

  • Here’s a short video about DNA structure and function. It’s a good overview of the big picture behind several of our lessons, including protein synthesis, mutations, and natural selection.
  • This is a great video about Hershey and Chase’s work. It’s always neat to see actual photos of viruses and bacteria. This is also applicable to lesson 19.

Lesson 9

  • This is a very interesting video about GMOs, the importance of peer review in science, and the potential effects of political interest. Check it out!
  • If you are skeptical about the benefits of gene therapy, or curious, check out this article about the potential for gene therapy in treating blindness.
  • Here is a great Ted Talk about good science by Kary Mullis, a truly influential biochemist.

Lesson 10
This is a great article about some new findings about the DNA of ancient humans in Europe. It answers some questions about human evolution. It links genetic research to evolution as well as nutrition.

Lesson 12

  • Here’s an interesting news report that challenges the assumption that life evolved in the ocean and then moved to land when the ozone layer formed, protecting land from UV radiation. It’s another example of how science keeps changing with every new discovery!
  • This article discusses the possibility that life came from Mars! When reading these articles, always check out the comments by readers, as some of them share intelligent thoughts. It is the seemingly outlandish research such as this that eventually builds up to a credible scientific case.
  • Read the story here about the new species of ancient human, Homo naledi, discovered in South Africa, just announced to the world in September, 2015.

Lesson 23
Here is a great video that can help you make sense of plant reproduction, which can get a little confusing.

Lesson 27
This is a fascinating news story about animal eye shape as related to their lifestyle. They even connect it to designing fictitious animals used in Hollywood movies!

Lesson 32
If you are interested in more of the full picture of why people tend to catch colds and flu more in the winter, this short video provides a great explanation.

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