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  • If you are an enrolled Oak Meadow student interested in AP, computer science, and technology courses, apply directly through CTYOnline.

Ready to apply to Oak Meadow? Enrollment in our distance learning school provides support from our experienced teachers, all course materials, and college counseling. We offer rolling admission to accepted students, with Start Dates available twice each month. Students have 10 months from their Start Date to complete full-year courses (1 credit), and 5 months to finish single semester courses (0.5 credit). Upon submitting your completed application, an Oak Meadow educational counselor will contact you to lead you through the rest of the process. Please contact our office at any point throughout the entire admission process if you have questions.

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Oak Meadow offers rolling enrollment throughout the year and you can choose the Start Date that works best for your family. Students have ten months from their Start Date to complete full-year courses (which earn one credit), and five months to finish single semester courses (which earn a half-credit).

We require a two-week lead time from the day of payment to ensure that all curriculum materials are received before the Start Date.

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