Why Oak Meadow?

We offer a flexible, progressive education to independent learners all over the world. We teach students to love reading, writing, science, and math, and we give them the tools they need to set and reach their own goals. We prepare students for college, career, and other exciting adventures by engaging them in imaginative and fun activities that foster critical and creative thinking skills.

What kind of student is right for Oak Meadow enrollment?

  • We are looking for individuals who think for themselves—who invent, design, experiment, compose, write, build, dream, and chase down new ideas.
  • We value students who learn best by doing, rather than by being told what, when, and how to learn. Our students see education as something they are empowered to pursue, freely and joyfully.
  • We want students who have a driving passion in their lives. For our part, we provide a way for those driven students to gain a comprehensive, meaningful education beyond the confines of the traditional school setting.

Graduation requirements

For high school students who wish to enroll and graduate with an Oak Meadow high school diploma, read about our graduation requirements.

Are you in charge of your learning?

Oak Meadow has launched a free tool to gauge student autonomy, the ability to take charge of one’s own learning. Take this short quiz and see where you stand, with feedback about how to become a more independent learner!

Meet the admission team

Keri Arsenault, Educational & School Counselor
Keri work as both an educational counselor and Oak Meadow’s school counselor. With a BA in psychology and an MEd specializing in school counseling from Keene State University, Keri creates counseling policy and protocol and initiates support and intervention for students of all ages who need extra guidance. In her spare time she loves to travel (most recently to Argentina) and dance tango, do yoga, read, hike, boat, camp, and spend time outdoors.
Alison Davis, English & Educational Counselor

Alison received her BA in English Literature from Colby College before discovering a love of teaching while living in Thailand. She taught elementary school both abroad and in Vermont, and subsequently completed her Masters in International Education from SIT. In addition to supporting Oak Meadow’s admission team as an educational counselor, Alison has joined our high school English department faculty, with a focus on project based learning. When she is not in the office, Al teaches yoga and works in her garage. She is also an apprentice at Vintage Steele, a local motorcycle shop, on the weekends.

Stacy Hiler, Education Counselor
Stacy Hiler, Education Counselor

After working in the hospitality field for several years (including renovating and co-running a classic Vermont inn), Stacy switched gears, completed her Early Childhood Montessori Training and became an assistant classroom teacher at Hilltop Montessori School in Brattleboro, VT. Now she enjoys using her skills as an Oak Meadow Educational Counselor, assisting families with their homeschooling journey. Stacy hails from New Orleans, where Southern grace and courtesy are in the drinking water. Now a Vermont resident and parent of two teenagers, Stacy enjoys live music, foraging in the woods with the family pooch (she knows her edible fungi!) or cooking up a mean Jambalaya.

KD Maynard, Director of Admission

KD has held roles in college admissions, college counseling and financial aid, academic advising, teacher training/curriculum development, and a variety of administrative/leadership positions. The institutions she’s worked for include Brown University, World Learning, Marlboro College, The Putney School, Community College of Vermont, and University of Massachusetts Amherst. KD’s liberal arts background (AB from Brown in Linguistics and Classics, and a MALS from Dartmouth focusing on Women’s Studies and writing) provides her with a worldview that seeks to make connections between and among people, ideas, and a sense of a greater good. She loves living in southern Vermont, spending free time in nature (hiking, kayaking, etc.) when she’s not working, volunteering with the homeless, and spending time with her brand new grandchildren.

Wendy Richardson, Associate Director of Admission

Wendy has a BA in Social Work from UNH and an MEd from Lesley College. She taught kindergarten to second grade before turning her full attention to her family. Her two preteen daughters are her pride and joy, and she says they keep her exploring and learning at their beautiful home on the Connecticut River. Wendy loves pretty much any activity that keeps her outdoors: running, hiking, swimming, and all varieties of skiing. At Oak Meadow she uses both of her degrees to help families explore and discover the best and most successful way to educate their children.

Eden Terrell, Registrar

Eden has a BA in Linguistics and German, an MA in Intercultural Management. She has worked as an admission counselor and librarian at World Learning/SIT and  was also a Peace Corps volunteer in Ukraine in 1998. Eden loves talking about languages, cultures and travel, and swimming and biking with her twin son and daughter, both of whom were Waldorf and Montessori-educated in their preschool years. Of her job as registrar at Oak Meadow, Eden says, “I enjoy giving people the opportunity to find a path that works for them!”