2016 Photo Contest: Learning Together!

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Who are the people in your life who help you learn? How do they share their knowledge with you? Do they enjoy learning alongside you? Do you help them learn, too? Having supportive learning relationships with others is an important and meaningful part of a home-based education.

For this year’s photo contest, show us what it looks like when you are learning with others! Send us photos of yourself (or your homeschooler) living your learning with parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins, friends of all ages, neighbors, teachers, mentors, and/or other important and helpful people. Show us what learning together looks like!

Take a look at some of our past photo contest entries for inspiration:


Submissions will be accepted from September 1-30, 2016. Prizes will be awarded in two categories: High School and K-8.

Submit photos by attaching them to an email and sending them to photocontest@oakmeadow.com. Each entrant may submit up to three photos for consideration. Any family member who enters the contest on their own is considered a separate entrant (we understand some children need parents’ help with their entry).

We receive a lot of photos, so to keep things manageable, please send only your very best!  You may send as many photos as you like, but only the first three we receive will be eligible for the contest. If you are submitting multiple photos, you may wish to send them individually. No collages or overlays, please.

For entries to qualify, you must send full-resolution photos in jpeg format. (If you are not sure of the resolution, please send the largest file size possible.)

Submissions received after midnight on September 30, 2016 may be displayed but will not be eligible to win.

Your submission must include the following:

  1. Your contact information, including a name to credit the photo to (e.g., “The Brown Family” or “Betsy Brown”)
  2. Where you are located (city/state/country)
  3. Which category your photo(s) should be entered in (K-8 or HS)
  4. A brief explanation and/or caption for each photo. Who is in the photo? What is being learned?

Don’t forget to attach your photo(s) to your email!

We will be using selected photos in our publications and on our website and sharing them through social media including Facebook. By submitting your photo, you are giving us permission to use your images in print and online publications to promote Oak Meadow. You must have permission from all of the people in a photo (or parents if they are under age 18) before submitting that photo to us. People often tell us how much they appreciate seeing photos of real-life homeschoolers. Even if you don’t win, anyone who enters might see their photo in Oak Meadow publications (online or in print)!


Each category (K-8 and High School) will have three lucky winners who will receive their choice of credit toward Oak Meadow homeschool support, college counseling, or bookstore purchases, or a prepaid VISA gift card. (Please note that VISA gift cards are only available to U.S. winners.)

First place – $300

Second place – $200

Third place – $100

Winners will be selected from finalists that you help choose! From October 3 to 17, 2016, you will be able to vote for your favorite photos by liking them on Facebook. There is no limit to how many photos you can vote for. Votes will help us determine which photos are finalists. Oak Meadow staff will choose the winners.