Executive Director’s Welcome

Dear fellow pioneer,

I remember when my maternity leave ended and it was time to return to work. My husband and I were distressed by the search to find quality care and the prospect of leaving our child with “strangers.” We eventually found a wonderful center where the staff loved our daughter and nurtured her in a way that felt aligned with our values.

In the following decade, I experienced another child, various schooling and homeschooling options, and the advent of the internet. Connecting with people who believed in the magic of childhood and the importance of adolescence became much easier. Finding others who valued a meaningful and organic approach to learning was now a click away. As a parent and education professional I could connect with so many inspiring minds who believed in education as a liberating and uplifting force.

If you are reading this, you are experiencing the interconnectivity of our modern world. And, perhaps, you have found in Oak Meadow a community of global learners, parents, and educators, who, like yourself, believe in the power of a progressive, quality education to make the world a better place.

It could be you’ve just landed here on your search for an inspiring educational option that feels right for your family. I’d like to believe that you’ve arrived at your destination—that you’ll find in Oak Meadow the compassionate, flexible, affordable, and high quality learning experience you’ve been looking for.

No matter where you are on your journey, I want to wish you a warm welcome to the Meadow!

Michelle Simpson-Siegel

Michelle Simpson-Siegel

Michelle earned her undergraduate degree in Education and English from the University of Rhode Island. She pursued her masters in Environmental Education from Antioch University New England because she believes, as David Orr does, that “all education is environmental education. By what is included or excluded we teach students that they are part of or apart from the natural world.” Before leading the team at Oak Meadow, Michelle taught English at Northfield Mount Hermon, was a Learning Specialist in the Massachusetts public schools, and worked as a Program Director for The Audubon Society. Michelle was selected to participate in Harvard’s Women in Education Leadership Program and has presented at many conferences including SXSWedu and NAIS. Michelle lives in Dummerston, Vermont with her family. Her interests include slow food, travel, parenting, yoga, and the literary arts.