World Languages

Latin I

Using a reading-based approach, students are introduced to grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure through a fictional storyline based on an actual household in Pompeii during the days prior to the great eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Students learn (read more)

Latin II

The primary focus of this course is translation of works written in Latin. In addition, using readings and activities in a wide variety of topics, students learn more about the culture of the Roman people. Our updated (read more)

Latin III

This course continues the translations of the Latin II works based more closely on historical fact. The setting is the 1st century A.D. both in Britain and in Rome. The readings reveal the standard of living, the (read more)

Spanish I

In this introductory-level course, students are introduced to grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure while learning about the culture, history, and geography of a wide range of Spanish-speaking countries. Students learn details about traditional and modern life, food, (read more)

Spanish II

Spanish II is an intermediate-level course which uses both textbook and online material. Students begin to develop strong vocabulary and grammar skills through a study of culture, cultural readings, and writing. The Holt website provides audio comprehension (read more)

Spanish III

Students move to a higher level of the spoken and written language and become comfortable using Spanish in a wide variety of conversational and written activities. More advanced vocabulary and grammatical structures provide the basis for “real-life” (read more)

AP Spanish Language and Culture

This AP Spanish Language and Culture course is conducted primarily in Spanish with authentic materials form the Spanish-speaking world, and it is equivalent to a third year college course in Advanced Spanish writing and conversation. This course (read more)

AP Spanish Literature and Culture

AP Spanish Literature and Culture is designed to introduce students to the formal study of Peninsular Spanish, Latin American, and U.S. Hispanic literature from the middle ages to the present day. The course aims to develop students’ (read more)

French I

This introduction to the study of French is newly designed and written to be studied with a printed text and online access. The Holt website provides audio comprehension narratives and dialogues to accompany the course, interactive practice (read more)

French II

French II is an intermediate-level course that is studied both with a textbook and online. Each chapter contains sections on vocabulary, grammar, culture, cultural readings, writing, and review exercises. The student has access to the Holt website (read more)

French III

The new French III program uses the latest technology in learning a world language. This updated course consists of the student text and online access to links with valuable resources. Features include interactive activities, games, cultural videos, (read more)

Level IV Language Study

Oak Meadow offers advanced study in all languages through an individualized tutorial developed in partnership with the language teacher. These full year courses give the student experience in reading literature, writing compositions, and exploring the culture through (read more)