Signature Programs

Advanced Study Project

In keeping with our spirit of independent learning, enrolled juniors and seniors are required to participate in a self-directed Advanced Study project. This project earns credit and is an ideal opportunity for learners to engage in an exciting and relevant academic or professional study of their own design. Over the course of a semester, students develop a particular area of interest by working with both a local mentor and an Oak Meadow faculty advisor (see the application form for more details).

Academic Advanced Study
Students write a research paper, compile a portfolio of experiments or essays, or produce a video presentation. Topics can include any area of interest broadly categorized into the subjects of science, literature, or history. An Oak Meadow faculty advisor works with you to hone your topic and create guidelines for study.

Professional Advanced Study
Students immerse themselves in an active working environment. A professional in the field of your choice mentors you as you gain skills and real-life experience. Your final evaluation is based on your weekly journal, documentation of hours and accomplishments, mentor review, and a reflective essay.

Life Experience Elective Credit

To honor the richness of the distance learning experience, Oak Meadow encourages students to participate in a wide variety of extracurricular activities. Through our Life Experience Elective Credit program, you can earn up to one full elective credit per year (four total possible) for these activities. Work experience, music lessons, sports activities, visual and fine arts classes, dance and martial arts can all be applied.

ESOL: English for the American Classroom

The English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) course was designed by Oak Meadow for students who want to polish their English reading, writing and speaking skills to help them be better prepared for their American or other English-speaking classroom experience.

AP, Computer Science, & Technology Courses

Oak Meadow offers Advanced Placement, computer science, technology, and selected elective courses through Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Talented Youth online program (CTYOnline). We encourage all Oak Meadow students to consider taking one or more. Visit CTYOnline to learn more and to apply.

Berklee College of Music Online Courses

Students study and train with world class musicians from the prestigious Berklee College of Music. Each class uses an interactive online format. Students can expect to spend 10 to 12 hours per week on each 12-week course to earn one full credit. Set class sessions enable students to work within a community of learners, sharing ideas, collaborating on projects, and getting feedback from one another. More information on class dates, prerequisites, materials, and software requirements can be found at

Summer Courses

Earn a half credit in two-and-a-half months. Check back for Summer 2017 course offerings.

Dual Enrollment

Oak Meadow supports dual enrollment, allowing students to follow their interests and broaden their education. Our course credits are transferable to public and private schools, and courses taken at other accredited schools can be included on your Oak Meadow transcript. Students engage in classroom science labs, group language courses, and other opportunities at local high schools and community colleges.

Travel & Summer Programs

We want you to have the chance to think, study, learn, and grow beyond our curriculum and your grade-level academics. Travel to another country and experience a new culture or take part in a community service project there, or sign up for an unusual course with a college professor. Check out our summer and travel opportunities.

National Honor Society

Oak Meadow is now a chapter member of the National Honor Society. Visit our NHS webpage to read about eligibility criteria and to view profiles of our first inductees!

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