The Experiment in International Living

Oak Meadow students may take advantage of our exciting partnership with  The Experiment in International Living. Since 1932, The Experiment has offered high school students the unique opportunity to enrich themselves and the world around them by offering three-, four-, and five-week programs in 30 countries around the world.

Experiment programs are not trips or tours, but rather journeys that allow you to experience another culture in a very powerful way and to enjoy a summer that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

eil-students-bikingThe Experiment is an ideal fit for our many students and families committed to incorporating global awareness and a sense of adventure into their lifestyle of learning. All Oak Meadow students participating in The Experiment may earn credit upon completion of a follow-up essay. In addition to a tailored orientation for Oak Meadow students and waived application fee, The Experiment will offer a limited number of Oak Meadow scholarships.

Each Experiment program offers students an opportunity to focus on an aspect of the host culture and to become active participants in the communities they join. Areas of focus include: language training, arts exploration, eco-adventure, community service, and travel and discovery.

The Experiment in International Living lives up to its reputation as one of the premier non-profit student travel organizations offering extraordinary summer programs for high school students through engaging activities and programs such as:

  • Investigating rare plant and animal species in Ecuador.
  • Studying Spanish in classes and an immersive homestay in Spain.
  • Working at an orphanage in Ghana.
  • Hiking along the Great Wall of China.

eil-group-elephant-river-rothenbergTo learn more about The Experiment’s full range of programs, program fees, and application procedures, or to request an Experiment catalog, visit or call 800-345-2929. To learn more about earning Oak Meadow credit through participation in this program, please call the Oak Meadow office at 802-251-7250 or ask a question.