This course can be taken as a precursor to Algebra I. The course is a combination of a full pre-algebra course and an introduction to geometry and discrete mathematics. Some topics covered include prime and composite numbers, (read more)

Algebra I

This course covers the following skills: evaluation of expressions involving signed numbers, exponents and roots, properties of real numbers, absolute value and equations and inequalities involving absolute value, scientific notation, unit conversions, solution of equations in one (read more)


This course introduces students to the basic theorems of Euclidean plane geometry and their applications, and explores both plane and solid geometric figures. Students learn how to prove theorems by the axiomatic method, and to use these (read more)

Math Connections

Math Connections is a problem-solving course focused on topics and applications relevant to life in today’s world. Every lesson includes mental math activities, journaling, textbook readings, and practice problems. Activities requiring critical thinking and the application of math skills (read more)

Algebra II

In this course, students integrate topics from Algebra I and Geometry and begin the study of trigonometry. The course provides opportunities for continued practice of the fundamental concepts of algebra, geometry, and trigonometry to enable students to (read more)

Advanced Mathematics

Advanced Math prepares the student for further study of mathematics at the college level through a presentation of standard pre-calculus topics, including substantial new material on discrete mathematics and data analysis. Prerequisite: Algebra II Saxon Advanced Mathematics, includes (read more)

Calculus I

Calculus I focuses on all the topics normally covered in an Advanced Placement AB-level calculus program. The text begins with a thorough review of those mathematical concepts and skills required for calculus. In the early problem sets, (read more)

Calculus II

Calculus II This one-semester, one-half-credit Oak Meadow course is a continuation of the full-year Calculus I course. It picks up where Calculus I ended and completes the final 1/3 of the Saxon textbook, Calculus with Trigonometry and (read more)

AP Calculus AB

Offered through CTY Online.

This AP Calculus AB course covers topics typically found in a first-year college Calculus I course and explains topics in differential and integral calculus. This course prepares students to succeed in the Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus AB (read more)

AP Calculus BC

Offered through CTY Online.

This AP Calculus BC course covers topics typically found in a first-year college Calculus I and Calculus II course and advances the student’s understanding of concepts normally covered in high school Calculus. Major themes include differential and (read more)

AP Calculus C

Offered through CTY Online.

This is an AP Calculus course, equivalent to the second half of a year long Calculus BC sequence, for students who have already completed AP Calculus AB, or the first half of AP Calculus BC. This course (read more)

AP Statistics

Offered through CTY Online.

AP Statistics includes topics in Probability, Regression Analysis, and Sampling Distributions. Students will learn statistics by actively engaging with the lectures, reading from the textbook, interacting with online resources, and by attempting many practice problems through homework (read more)