Fine Arts

Integrated Drawing

This experiential course is designed to help people of all skill levels learn to draw. Students learn the basics of perspective, shading, proportion, color, and compositional balance. The following books are included with this course: Oak Meadow (read more)

Drawing and Design

Students are introduced to the primary concepts of drawing and design using exercises and readings designed to enhance artistic skills and appreciation. These drawing and design principles develop a student’s capacities to think creatively and to develop (read more)


This course introduces painting in terms of color and design, and explores representational skills as well as non-representational and abstract elements. This course helps develop basic skills and creative thinking, and students are asked to explore their (read more)

Students who take a course with the prestigious Berklee College of Music study and train with world-class musicians. Each class uses an interactive online format. Students can expect to spend 10 to 12 hours per week on each 12-week course and earn one full credit. Set class sessions enable students to work within a community of learners sharing ideas, collaborating on projects, and getting feedback from one another. More information on prerequisites, materials, and software requirements can be found at
Class session start dates for the 2016–17 school year: June 27, 2016; September 26, 2016; January 9, 2017; April 3, 2017

Guitar Chords 101

This course explores the construction of chords based on individual notes rather than chord shape, allowing students to gain greater freedom in using the fret board of the guitar. Students will learn to construct and play triads, (read more)

Bass Performance 101

Students will learn to create and perform unique bass lines in a variety of different styles. The course will focus on four key areas of performance: time, tonality, timbre, and taste. Students will study the techniques and (read more)

Berklee Keyboard Method

Students will master the basics of keyboard technique and chord voicings, and gain an understanding of more advanced concepts, such as blues progressions and playing three part chords. The Berklee Keyboard Method uses exercises that explore the (read more)

Music Theory 101

Students will explore fundamental concepts, such as pitch, rhythm, scales, intervals, chords, and harmony. Supported by class discussions, interactive tools, and personalized feedback, students will learn how to put music theory into practice every day. Beginning and (read more)

Music Theory 201: Harmony and Function

Expanding on the concepts presented in Music Theory 101, this course will further develop a solid understanding of music theory, allowing musicians to become more effective composers and performers. Students will explore complex chords, progressions, and rhythms (read more)

Drum Set Fundamentals

Students will gain a solid foundation in drum set performance as this course explores five main topics: musicianship, hand-to-hand technique, snare drum reading, drum set coordination, and repertoire development. Students will perform strengthening and dexterity exercises, and (read more)