If we enroll in Oak Meadow, what can we expect from our teacher?

Your Oak Meadow teacher acts as a guide and source of inspiration and support, helping the parent with the teaching process in the early grades, and helping the student more directly from 5th grade onward, when more work is done independently. In addition, the teacher provides perspective and guidance during those challenging periods that occasionally arise during any learning process. Regular communication is a key aspect to a successful distance learning experience, and we encourage our enrolled families to keep in close communication with their Oak Meadow teacher.

Your Oak Meadow teacher assesses your student’s work once a month in grades K-4 and every two weeks in grades 5-12, and provides detailed lesson comments and grades. Individual suggestions will be given about what to work on in future lessons, areas needing extra attention, and tips for strengthening specific skills. The teacher also provides on-going support via email or phone to answer any questions or concerns about the learning process or the work being done. Your Oak Meadow teacher will send you semester evaluations of your child’s progress at the end of 18 lessons and at the completion of 36 lessons. These evaluations become a part of your child’s official school records, maintained in our office, and are transferable to future schools.

Oak Meadow teachers develop strong connections with their students over the course of many months and years, and this develops into learning relationships that provide a substantial level of support for students and their families.