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Please enjoy these past issues of our seasonal journal Living Education. In these pages, we celebrate and explore issues most relevant to homeschooling families. To receive an electronic copy of future issues, please join our email list by entering your email address using the form to the right. If you would prefer a printed copy please fill out this short form. Thank you!


2014 Winter Living Education Journal, Oak Meadow
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Winter 2014: Learning Through Literature

  • Guest contribution
    • The Art and Science of Story Terrariums
  • Articles from Oak Meadow faculty and staff
    • A Child's Journey with Dickens, 1868
    • Breathing Life into Reading Experiences
    • Can Classics Compete?
  • Oak Meadow families and community
    • Ara Vito "Queen of Binding"
    • Maren's Doughty's "Delicious"
  • Curriculum spotlight
    • English 9
  • Activities
    • Earth Cycles
  • Crafts
    • Oak Meadow: Ribbon Bookmarks
  • News and resources
    • Faculty Faves!
    • Resources


2013 Spring Living Education Journal, Oak Meadow
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Fall 2013: Innovative Math and Science

  • Guest Contribution
    • Kathleen Morse: Math: An Exercise in Balance
  • Articles from Oak Meadow faculty and staff 
    • Julie West: Citizen Science
    • Jacquelyn O'Donohoe:  Living Math
  • Oak Meadow families and community
    • Parent Contribution
    • Heather (Only Passionate Curiosity) on Backyard Science
    • Camilla and Saffron: Lavender Lemon Cupcakes
    • Student work
    • Emma Agudelo (science journal 7th grade)
    • Rohini (physics lessons 8th grade)
    • Andrew Stein (habitat video 6th grade)
    • Sasha Bauer (ASP)
    • Lexi Wallace (6th grade architectural drawing)
  • Activities
    • Earth Cycles: Seasonal activities for harvest
    • Math and Science for Multiple Ages
  • Crafts
    • Little Acorn Learning: homemade wormery
    • Oak Meadow: Leaf print tiles (Kindergarten: First Book of Crafts)
    • Fun with pattern puzzles
  • News and Resources
    • Math and Science resources
    • Facebook Rewind: Math toys
    • Curriculum spotlight: K-8 math
    • Book Review: What's Math Got to Do with It?
    • OM News
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2013 Spring Living Education Journal, Oak Meadow
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Spring 2013: Sustainable Living and Learning


2012 Spring Living Education Journal, Oak Meadow
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Winter 2013: Arts in Education


2012 Spring Living Education Journal, Oak Meadow
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Fall 2012: Learning Skills and Styles


2012 Spring Living Education Journal, Oak Meadow
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Summer 2012: Citizenship


2012 Winter Living Education Journal, Oak Meadow
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Winter 2012: Writing


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2010-11 Winter Newsletter, Oak Meadow
Fall 2011: Active Learning
  • Climb, Swing, Snuggle: Reading Readiness Involves the Whole Body
  • Student Art Show
  • From the Archives: Listening to Our Children
  • Facebook Response: What Has Your Child Taught You Today?
  • Book Reviews: Spark; Free Range Learning
  • Curriculum Giveaway
  • Enrolled Student Profiles: Gymnast Kristen Politz and Mattie Lou Shepherd
  • Family Profile: Lucas Brothers Row Their Way Through High School
  • K–8 Craft
  • Oak Meadow Graduation 2011
  • Colonial Williamsburg for Homeschoolers

2010-11 Winter Newsletter, Oak Meadow
Winter 2010-11
  • Photo Contest
  • Oak Meadow Updates
  • Oak Meadow Homeschooling Support
  • Student Contribution: A Profile of the Tracking Project
  • Student Contribution: Loaves & Muffins
  • Meet Your Oak Meadow Faculty
  • From the Archives: When Things Get Interesting
  • Student Art Show
  • Meal Plans and Lesson Plans
  • Pine Cone Critters

2010 Summer Newsletter, Oak Meadow
Summer 2010
  • Oak Meadow Graduation 2010
  • Congratulations Eva Fabian!
  • From the Archives: The Value of Boredom
  • Treska’s Garden
  • Meet Your Oak Meadow Faculty/Staff
  • Creating a Lifelong Reader
  • The Homeschool Advantage in College Admissions
  • Student Submissions
  • Craft: Walnut Boat


2009-10 Winter Newsletter, Oak Meadow
Winter 2009-10
  • The Lester Story Continues
  • Oak Meadow Teacher Profiles: Kathy Bennett and John Solie
  • From the Archives: Flying and Learning
  • Homeschooling Multiple Children
  • For Our Juniors and Seniors
  • Kroka Vermont Semester
  • Student Submissions
  • Pine Needle Heart

September 2009

  • Editor's Note
  • Oak Meadow's First Family: The Lesters
  • Administrative Profile: April Waterman
  • Teacher Profile: Richard Levesque
  • A Note to Our Enrolled Families
  • FAQs
  • From the Archives: Balance
  • Just for Fun: Wooden Buttons

July 2009

  • Editor's Note
  • Graduation 2009
  • Administrative Profile: Apple Gifford
  • Teacher Profile: Leslie Daniels-Vanzo
  • A Note to Our Enrolled Families
  • FAQs
  • Various "From the Archives"
  • Just for Fun: Paper Art

January - February 2002

  • From the Director
  • News & Notes: Plagiarism: A Black Plague
  • Short Story
  • Quote
  • Research & Information: 19th Annual Magical Years Conference
  • Book Review: The Summer of the Great-Grandmother
  • Parent Insights: On Being There
  • From the Students
  • Creative Corner: Winter Joy and Snow Project
  • Oak Meadow Café: ADD/ADHD Children
  • Ecological Education: Lawns
  • Telecommunications: Firewalls and the Internet
  • Healthy Living: Eat, Drink and Be Healthy
  • Perspective: Schooling: The Hidden Agenda
November/December 2001
  • From the Editor
  • Short Story
  • Research & Information: HORRORS! Maybe Schools are Working Just Fine
  • Book Review: How to Write “Good”
  • Parent Insights: If I Had My Life to Live Over
  • From the Students
  • Creative Corner: Wild Blue Yonder
  • Resources: Oak Meadow Office Tour
  • Oak Meadow Café: Late Reader
  • Ecological Education: The Environmental Impacts of War
  • Telecommunications: Windows XP
  • Healthy Living: Healthy Living 101
  • Perspective: My Father
September/October 2001
  • From the Editor
  • Short Story
  • News & Notes: Homeschooler’s World Quilt Project
  • Research & Information: The Organization Kid
  • Book Review: Stolen Lives
  • From the Students
  • Parent Insights: Information, please . . .
  • Creative Corner: Candleholders
  • Resources: Oak Meadow Community Connections
  • Oak Meadow Café: High School Choices
  • Ecological Education: Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
  • Telecommunications: 24 Signs that you have already had too much of the 21st Century; also Got interesting email lately? Okay- just don’t pass it along.
  • Healthy Living: Humankind - Be Both
  • Perspective
  • The Teaching Presence
July/August 2001
  • From the Editor
  • News & Notes
  • Parent Insights: These Things I Wish for You
  • Research & Information: Can You Spell "Homeschooled?"; also Sour Grapes, Anyone?
  • Book Review: Discover Your Child's Learning Style
  • From the Students
  • Student Profile: Justin Jonas: Oak Meadow Graduate
  • Creative Corner: Cycle Around the Solar System
  • Resources: Language Programs
  • Ecological Education: 14 Boys on a Wilderness Outing
  • Healthy Living: Alternative Learners
  • Oak Meadow Café: Oak Meadow Math
  • Telecommunications: Broadcasting on the Internet
  • Perspective: Homeschooling with Larger Families
May/June 2001
  • From the Editor
  • Vilanova Commencement Address, by Anna Quindlen
  • News & Notes: Spirit of Learning: The 2nd International Soul in Education Conference
  • 6th Annual National Conference on Waldorf Methods and Home Schooling
  • Research & Information: Couples Find that Living on One Income Can Reduce Stress and Expenses (from the Kansas City Star)
  • Book Review: Discovering Your Child's Learning Style
  • From the Students
  • Parenting Insights: I've Learned, by Andy Rooney
  • Creative Corner: On Cloud Nine
  • Oak Meadow Café: Handwriting and Drawing Skills
  • Ecological Education: Running on Empty
  • Telecommunications: Tool Cool for Pen and Paper
  • Healthy Living: Fitness in Minutes
  • Perspective: Recovering the Soul of Education
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